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Report Dead Link

Report Dead Link


  • 1. This page is meant for DEAD LINK report only. Do not REQUEST.
  • 2. Do not repeat your report. Be patient and wait in line.
  • 3. Always be specific. Mention the file hosting you want us to reupload, resolution, codec, and/or quality type. If you can’t be specific, your report will not be fixed.
  • 4. Do not submit ‘ALL LINKS DEAD’ report. We will consider it as false report.
  • 5. Do not hit ‘reply button’ below someone’s comment. Just type your report on comment box.
  • 6. Only report if you got these kind of message:
  • File has been removed
  • File expired
  • File not found.


Links will be fixed within 2 to 3 days of reporting but sometime it can take more time due to long queue.


  1. Azexr says:

    Vinaya vidhya rama movie not available FIX IT

  2. Animesh says:

    Premam link is not working

    1. admin says:

      fixed now

  3. Abhishek says:

    Bhai Delhi crime to daal De at least. Heartful request..

    1. Uvesh says:

      The family man links are not working properly

      1. admin says:

        fixed now


    please upload a mismatched movie of Netflix

  5. Rinku says:

    Server error. From 3 to 4 days more

  6. Tanush says:

    I report for my file was not working. I click the file link it said file not found please fix my issue.

  7. Reetam says:

    Not opening this app showing relod when downloading the movie

  8. Shivam says:

    Please upload 3 idiots movie

  9. Deep says:

    Sacred game session 1 bayfiles Link not open plz fixed bro

  10. V says:

    Pelli Choopulu Hindi Dubbed version please upload

  11. Fulchand says:

    Why is the bayfile link not working. Tell me and give me solution

  12. Saroj says:

    Why is the bayflile link not working

  13. Sachin says:

    Fixxed now

  14. V says:

    Mithai South Hindi Dubbed movie Link expired

    1. admin says:

      Fixed now

  15. Animesh says:

    Charlies Angels and Charlies Angels 2 link is working

    1. admin says:

      Fixed now

  16. Arun says:

    Links of catch me if you can 720 p hindi dubbed movie are expired,pls fix

    1. admin says:

      Fixed now

  17. Dinesh Shrestha says:

    This movie has no link for downloading
    Plz provide me

    1. admin says:

      Please Mention movie name

  18. Binod says:

    The xpose movie link not working

    1. admin says:

      fixed now

  19. Abhishek says:

    Please dont upload naked movies

  20. Saajan kumar says:

    Link of manikarnika movie is expired please fix it

    1. admin says:

      fixed now

  21. Bobby says:

    Page not found koi v part download ni ho reha

    1. admin says:

      Fixed now

  22. Sunilsahani says:

    Cave movies dalo

  23. Mohit says:

    Links of the bichoo ka khel webseries has been expired only the Google drive link is working in which I don’t want to download and rest other links aren’t working, even of other episodes and I ain’t able to Download the episodes, it shows “file do not exists”… Kindly fix this issue immediately..

    1. admin says:

      Fixed now

  24. Poonsach says:

    Bichhu ka khel links are not working for all the episode

    1. admin says:

      Fixed now

  25. Shyam kuma7 says:

    Bicchoo ka khel session 1 not found

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